Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

UI hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
We had a great week, spending time with friends and family members that we get to see only once a year if we're lucky, and because they are spread all over Iowa, there is just never enough time to see them all. 

We visited loved ones who have passed, we got to help celebrate a grand daughter's birthday, along with two of our grandsons. 
It was nice, but there never is enough time to spend with them. 

We took our time driving across Ohio & Indiana, and spent the night in a little campground in Indiana before making the final leg of our trip across Illinois, into Iowa. 

 Taking a walk around the lake at the campground before we retired to the camper to watch the Cavs win game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference.....

 Improvising on an iPhone, lol, because we couldn't get the channel we needed to watch it on TV.

Had to take pictures to compare Ohio soil, which is so hard to grow my veggies in.....

to the rich, black Iowa soil that I miss so much!

Spending the weekend with old friends



And spending the afternoon with my little brother, I don't get to see him much. 


We had a very relaxing weekend, but it's always nice to get home.


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! :)

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