Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'm back with a few projects we have been working on around the house

It's been awhile since I've written, taking a break I guess, that and I didn't think I had anything exciting to write about. I haven't been painting any beautiful pieces of furniture, I haven't worked on anything to sell in awhile, I have just been spending my time working on a bunch of little jobs that need to be done around my own home.

My front porch was looking a little tired for awhile now, so I'm giving it a little update.
My grandson helped me put a coat of varnish on these little lanterns that I got at Gabriel Bros a few years ago. If your not familiar with Gabe's (as I call it), it's a great place where I like to buy outdoor d├ęcor, the prices are perfect for things that sit out in the elements and have to be replace a bit more often.
I figured I could get a few more years out of these cute little lanterns if we put an outdoor finish on them.   

Before pictures of my tired front porch


Derek just loves to help me, I can always find something for him to do.

With a little help from Grandma, controlling the drips and runs, they turned out pretty nice.

I was going to buy fabric to cover the seat cushions but I ran across some really inexpensive ones at my grocery store (they sell everything from soup to nuts), a three piece set for $20.00. Sold, I couldn't buy the fabric for that price. And seat cushions, when exposed to the morning sun needs to be replaced every year anyway, so I went for it. The cute pillow came from HomeGoods for a measly $15.00!

Now we just need a few flowers to bloom to bring on the color!

We have been transforming our backyard living space into a retreat, by putting up a Pergola, someplace where we can just chill out after a busy week. But honestly, we needed a shade source since our trees aren't getting big fast enough to suit us. And much needed privacy since we live on a corner lot and can be seen from three sides. I feel like we are on display every time we're outside. I love this though, we have only had it up for a couple of weeks but I have already found myself sitting out there reading and having dinner while the hubby is away. We want to add some curtains as well so we can enjoy it even as the weather gets a bit cooler.

I recovered those tired pillows from the front porch to put on the patio furniture in back, just trying to extend the life of these pillows for a bit longer. They are outdoor pillows so they were in perfect shape, they were just badly faded.


I do love sewing my own outdoor pillow covers anyway because I have a huge choice of beautiful fabrics that if I were to buy them ready made at a garden center would cost me oodles!

The challenge here was finding a fabric that would marry the color of red from my home to the brownish/goldish/orangeish color of our outdoor furniture. But I did it, and I love the fabric. 
If  the weather stays nice for a whole weekend we can work on planting, we still need  a privacy border and some beautiful flowering bushes to fill in the area behind the living space. And I'd love to have some container gardens filling in some areas.

It takes time, but it's getting there.

I also got my lamp refinished........

and rewired, now I just need to find a shade for it.

I've been getting a few painting jobs to make a bit of extra cash to pay for said fabrics and pillows:)

And I have been repainting.......


and creating those signs for my house.

I will post pictures of the "afters" in another post.

So I have been a busy gal, but in my own time, and that feels wonderful!


  1. You have been a busy gal! I agree about the cushions...twenty bucks is a steal, so worth the price...and it all looks great!

    1. Thanks Kim, it's going to be one busy summer!


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