Thursday, March 10, 2016

Update on our bedroom entertainment center

It's been over a month ago since my husband and I made a trip to Angola, IN to order an entertainment/clothes storage center for the master bedroom. We told him we weren't in any hurry for it when we ordered it, but now I'm really anxious to have it.

I finally got a call from him this week telling me it was finished and we could come get it anytime. Unfortunately we are busy this weekend and aren't able to make the trip to go get it. Hopefully nothing comes up and we'll be able to get it next weekend.  

I am so ready to reorganize things in our bedroom and having this piece will give us the storage we need for our bedroom and my husbands office, since the current cupboard will go in ther to help organize his space. I haven't been able to do anything anywhere until I get that piece in place because it will mean finding new homes for everything that hangs on the walls in those two rooms. 

I'm really anxious to see how it looks, we drew it up on paper, but actually seeing what we came up with has me nervous, I hope I like it after we get it! And of course it won't be painted either, I opted to finish it myself, so I'll have to picture it finished in my mind. 

Actually the timing couldn't be any better, I have been painting a clients house for the last two weeks, so I wouldn't have had time to finish it anyway. But I am so excited and next week will be a long one.

I'll post pictures of the "before" and "after" as soon as we get it.

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