Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The last step before I distress the entertainment center

I got the final coat on the entertainment center today, now I will leave it until Friday to let the paint "cure" before I distress it. 

I'm always sure to let the pieces sit for a day or two, making sure the paint is dry enough to start distressing it. 

It also gives me a chance to go get groceries, clean my house a bit and sweep up the little fur balls that have collected in the hallway!!! 


  1. I am intrigued by this process. Dummy that I am, thought you were leaving it black...now I get it, that is going to give it the distressed look. Don't mind me, I catch up eventually! ;-)

    1. Yes, my next step is sanding it all down, concentrating on the edges where normal wear and tear will be, then lightly sanding it all. When I sand the bubbles, it will break them down leaving black showing underneath. There is a method to my madness!!


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