Saturday, March 5, 2016

My finished lamps

I finally got a project finished to completion! I love how the lamps turned out, and it was a fun project to do with my hubby. We do pretty good, the two of us, I design and he builds with my direction. We are true DIYers that's for sure.

The baluster's cost me $5 each at my local junk shop, but by the time we bought the lamp works and the shades I could have saved myself the work by buying some beautiful lamps at TjMaxx, but I wanted real wood lamps and I wanted them distressed. They turned out exactly how I'd pictured in my head.

The baluster's were pretty thickly painted with what was, no doubt, lead paint, so I stripped two layers off and stopped at this point.

My husband thought we should add a base so the lamps wouldn't be top heavy, then we added a bit of trim to finish them off.

I then had to recreate the finish on the bases to match the lamp bodies. I painted the base first with a tan craft paint that I had, then I dry brushed white and cream paint over it. I wiped them down while the paint was still wet and sanded them to match the tops.

We went to Home Depot today and I found the perfect shades.

One of the lamps went in the guest bedroom

the other lamp is going in my husbands office, but he said he needed to clean it before he places his new lamp.......
(happy dance)


  1. Fabulous! I would buy one of those.

    1. Thanks Kim! They weren't the easiest to make, I mean, it was hard drilling a straight hole down the center without a drill press. Other than that it went pretty well, I like how they turned out, thought maybe I'd have to make them into candle sticks for a little bit there!


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