Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Much needed organization

Tomorrow I will be a busy distressing the entertainment center, cleaning it up, then putting it in the master bedroom. I'm so excited, this means super storage for two of my rooms now, the master bedroom and my husband's office......which is a disaster.

(There's his new lamp he made room for!)


It also means relocating this cabinet to my husband's office. I do have to paint the inside of this cabinet once it's moved, right now it's painted a flat red, I have some left over light gray that I can use for that. 

Once it's all dry, we can take stuff from this smaller cabinet here: 

and spread stuff out a bit, making it easier to find things.....I hope. I will finally be painting this one as well, I never did get his office redecorated when I did the rest of the house. I painted this cabinet black, years ago, with scenes I painted on the raised panel doors. It was my first attempt at decorative painting on furniture.....don't judge! 

He's also got this red and mustard display piece in his office that houses his collection of International tractors (it's a homage to his farming days as a kid from Iowa:) 

This cabinet, and the tractors, will be going to the "man cave" in the basement...........(happy dance!) The colors will work down there because it's an intentional mix of eclectic decor.

I still have got a lot of painting to do, but I'm anxious to finally get the office to match the rest of the house and gain much needed storage. I'm so hoping that by having both of the cabinets in the office, that it won't look too crowded. 

I've been holding out on doing anything about wall decor because I do have to relocate a lot of things that I've already got. Pictures that I've got hanging on the wall where the entertainment center is going will have to find a new home. So lots of things to think about now.

If all goes well, I'll at least have pictures of the entertainment center in it's place this weekend.

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