Sunday, March 20, 2016

Distressing using a heat gun

I've spent the last four days working on our entertainment center, Thursday I filled nail holes sanded the whole thing down inside and out. Then primed over all the knot holes using Kilz primer.

Friday I primed the knot holes two more times, then stained the drawers using left over stain that I had. 

Saturday I did the painstaking job of painting the black base coat and running my heat gun over it to get the paint hot so it would bubble. It took me four hours to do but I had to distress the whole thing so it would match the finish of the old doors he used.  The doors are segments of full size doors, they are rough and have fragments of chipped paint still clinging.  
You can't have a piece made with new smooth wood and old rough doors! 

I did these pieces by painting a thick long vertical strip then running my heat gun down, close enough to get the fresh paint hot enough to bubble. The thicker the paint, the bigger the bubbles. Just make sure you keep moving the heat gun so you don't burn the wood.

I had to paint the base coat black so that when I run my sander over these pieces, the black will show through.

Here is a close up of the door on the left, and the bubbled paint effect on the right.....looking good.

Today, I painted for three hours and called it quits for the day. 

I have two more days of work left on it until I'm finished, but which two days? I don't know about you, but when I'm in the middle of doing this that I love, everything else suffers. I've been putting off getting groceries, I need to shop for Easter goodies for my grandkids' Easter egg hunt, and I have fur balls rolling around on the floors.......I need to clean!  

Oh well, the fur balls will have to wait, I'm having fun!


  1. You are one crafty lady! I am so impressed!

    1. Lol, sometimes I think it's a curse Kim! Thank you for your comments!


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