Saturday, February 20, 2016

Paige's art

I mentioned in my last post that I'm working on getting some art and/or wall hangings of some sort too fill all of the bare areas in our home. The walls look a bit bare, but I'm a stickler for what goes up, and I haven't been actively looking either. 

My 13 year old grand daughter, Paige, is quite the artist and she recently drew a still life in school and I loved it! I asked her if I could have it to frame and hang on my wall, she scrunched her nose up as if to say, "seriously?!" She gave it to me & papa so I found this simple frame for it so it doesn't take away from her work. 

It hangs in our kitchen with two of my favorite things, my Ohio/Iowa sign and my little sign I bought while in Germany.

Paige's still life

My daughter bought me this little Ohio sign, but the "heart" of it is an outline of my home state of Iowa, where my heart still resides.

I love this little German sign, which translated, means "Home is home"

So one bare space filled, and one that makes me smile:)


  1. I love using pieces that have real meaning. I think it makes it way more special!!

    1. Oh me too Kim! Now my grandson wants to make me one! I could fill one whole wall if my 8 grandchildren make me a piece of art!! Problem solved!


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