Monday, February 29, 2016

Baluster lamp update

I've been so busy the last week, I got my root canals done on Monday so that was a good thing. Didn't have any pain at all with them so it didn't slow me down much.
I painted my grand daughter's bedroom, she's going from her "big" girl room to her tween room, my how they grow! It seems like yesterday that I painted her colorful room in bright pink and blue.
She chose her colors this time, she's 13 now, and we painted her room a creamy white on three walls and a nice light gray color on her "accent" wall. Gone is the pretty little twin four poster bed in exchange for a double.

I have been working on my lamps as I have the time, I got the two balusters stripped last week when we had 60 degree weather, and Sunday my hubby and I got them all put together, now I just have to paint them.

This is as far as I wanted to strip them down, I wanted them to look distressed so I stopped at this point

We added a base to the bottom of both lamps just to make them sturdier, now I have to paint and distress the bases to match the lamp body. I'm hoping to get that done this week yet.

My floor lamp got a few coats of refinisher on it trying to get rid of the cherry stain, not sure I'll be able to remove it. I'll give it a few more coats and see how it looks, I may have to paint it.

Today I had two of my grandkids here because the electricity went out overnight because of high winds, school was canceled.

So we did some crafts

Then they got grandma to play Wii with them! I got my workout that's for sure!


  1. Wii is a workout!! My kids are aways trying to get me to play and I am pooped after bowling...forget dancing! ;)

    1. It's a fun workout, we jogged, hoola-hooped, slalomed, walked the tightrope, lol! Definitely got a workout!


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