Friday, January 15, 2016

Becoming minimalist

Well, other than having a bug the first part of 2016, this new year is starting out pretty well. I've gotten a lot of my Christmas decorations that I didn't want anymore off to Goodwill and I can't believe how much "lighter" it feels to get rid of a bit more baggage. My basement closets even have some empty storage spots, I just need not fill them up again!

New Years Eve is a cleansing of sorts, at least for me, I always want to start the new year fresh in every area of my life, and it doesn't look like I'm alone in that thought process. I've been reading all kinds of articles lately on becoming minimalists, a lot of the blogs that I personally follow are also blogging about simplifying. Everyone is wanting to rid themselves of unnecessary "stuff", longing for simplicity and everything that goes along with it.

With the whole "tiny house" movement that has become even more popular in the last couple of years, it's proof that we are ready to downsize, to rid ourselves of material things to make it possible to experience all there is in the world to experience.

I've always been a bit of a minimalist, I've never been one who wanted to be defined by material things. "Keeping up with the Jones's" is a concept that I could never understand. Why on earth would anyone want to go into debt trying to keep up with the neighbors?! I could care less about social statice, it means nothing to me. Other than a mortgage we owe nothing and nothing is more liberating than that.

My husband and I aren't tight wads by any means. We have always lived way within our means, and it's provided us with a lot of perks. 

I love to shop but I never over indulge, I shop when I need something and sometimes for fun, but I never buy just to buy.....never. 

I don't have a drawer or drawers full of beauty products. I have one tube of mascara, one container of blush, one lotion for my face, one bottle of shampoo etc. you get the idea. And I don't replace stuff until it's gone. I don't have anymore clothes than what my closet can handle, same goes for shoes. I've just never been one to over buy....on anything. 

I'm still driving my 2009 4-runner, we eat out maybe twice a month or when we are running errands and maybe on special occasions. 

We do live in a beautiful home, but it's filled with furniture I've bartered for or have gotten at flea markets and thrift stores. Knowing how to paint, refinish, repurpose and sew has been a big help. 

That being said, I've become even more interested in becoming a minimalist.....if it means experiencing and living life to the fullest. 

What are your thoughts on becoming a  minimalist?


  1. I completely agree, Rhonda. I've spent a lot of time, clearing "stuff"; from the house, from my closet. Just when I think I'm done, I go through it all again. I'm thinking it's time to make another run-through. There are several things I've hung onto that are now woefully out of style, don't fit, or just don't serve a purpose anymore. Time to donate them to someone who can use them!

    1. I have to go through clothes closets one more time, tell my daughters that if they don't want a few of their items that are in there, they are getting donated. Every year I go through stuff and always find something I can live without that I couldn't the year before! Ahhhh it feels so good!

  2. I am all for minimalism. I am not a stuff girl or a bigger, better, more fan either. It's hard to do with teens, that is not a concept they are generally prone to! ;) I laughed at your makeup list. It's the same as mine! My closet is small, but even so, I still have clothes I rarely wear. I feel the same way about debt thank you!! I am trying to teach those teens...looks like it's going to take a while to sink in.

    1. Lol! Kim I have three daughters and the teens were challenging to say the least! Back in those days a pair of jeans with the fancy back pockets could cost as much as $65.00, back then (1986) that was a TON of money for a pair of jeans........probably my grocery allowance for the week! Yeah, my kids hated me at times because they didn't get the "cool" jeans! Brutal but we all lived through it! Now they each have a daughter of their own😬


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