Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pillows made and my Etsy shop

I'm completely cured of my nasty cold that I thought would never go away and I've been working the last week getting all of the Christmas decorations put away. I did a managed to get everything into six totes, which leaves me with four empty totes!! Everything now neatly fits in the furnace room in the basement and everything is labeled too, so I don't have to go though every tote next year when it's time to drag it all out again!

Last week I worked on pillows that I started way before Christmas, I got them finished and posted them in my Etsy shop, Luleemaes.

My pillows are made using antique or vintage fabrics and lace. I have always had a passion for old lace and I started collecting it years ago not knowing exactly what I would do with it, I just couldn't leave it behind. I have quite a stash so I thought I would start making these beautiful pillows. I have made and sold quite a few of them at Alter'd Relics but have never sold them on Etsy. I use vintage embellishments when I can find some that are affordable enough to use. And I learned how to make fabric flowers thanks to YouTube so I wouldn't have to buy them. And, because I like the fact that my flowers aren't perfect, makes my pillows a bit more charming:)

If you notice haven't noticed already, I added a few new features on my side bar. My favorite little shop, that you may remember me mentioning before, Alter'd Relics in Barberton, Ohio. It's where I take some of my Restored Treasures to sell. I'm lucky to have found such a great place to sell some of my bigger pieces of furniture.

I'm also featuring my Etsy shop, it's something my daughter, Carrie, and I started some time ago. We love to shop, we love to go junking is a better word. And we know we can't keep all of the awesome stuff that we run across so we decided it would be fun to pass these treasures along to you. We really haven't been that serious about it, it's been a fun project for both of us and we do sell things, but this year I'd like to step it up a notch and actually sell smalls that I make. 

So click on Alter'd Relics photo and check out their website to see how beautiful their little shop is, or follow them on Facebook. And click on my Etsy shop to see what we have to offer, keep in mind that we try all the time to add new items.



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