Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding treasures to repurpose and restore!

So, I went junking with my daughter yesterday to find a bedside stand for my grand daughter's room, and we did find the cutest little table for $44.00. Picture it turquoise....

I went to look for a lamp that my husband has been asking for to put in his office, and I'm always looking for things to repurpose and resell. I did have great luck finding some Fenton & Westmoreland milk glass to resell. Country Living magazine had an article in it's last issue on milk glass so I thought I'd jump on that band wagon and see how it goes.

I didn't find any lamps that I liked for the office but I did find a few other treasures. Now mind you, this is how it ALWAYS goes, I'm sure with you as well. As we were perusing the junk store my daughter runs across a couple of porch balusters. Perfect in every way, perfect height, perfect dimension, perfect color. If you'd known how long I'd been searching for porch balusters to make lamps out of, you'd understand my frustration, yet I could hardly contain myself! Of course I gave up my search just before Christmas and buckled at Target and TJ Maxx and got a couple of really nice lamps at really nice prices, because let me tell you that the balusters I did find were a bit costly for my blood. The ones we found yesterday were $5.00 each, so I'm going to make a lamp for my husbands office.

A couple of years ago I was out junking and ran across an awesome antique turned wood floor lamp, I loved it, but didn't need it so I passed. It was only $35.00 and the wonderful chipped paint on it was perfect. Since then, I had to buy a different floor lamp for behind my husbands chair so again, I went and bought one a new one at Target. It wasn't an antique, but I do love it. I never got that beautiful real wood lamp out of my head though, and was quite upset that I didn't just buy it. 

Yesterday, as we were walking through the antique mall, there sat a beautiful Antique turned wood floor lamp............$20.00! Needless to say it came home with me, I needed a lamp in my reading room anyway because the ones I had in there were just too heavy for the room (you can see them in my Etsy shop). Now I can get one more piece of furniture out of that crowded little room because I don't need it to set a lamp on!

Win! Win! 


  1. Hi Rhonda, don't you just love when things all fall into place and the pieces we pass up, we later replace with ones even that much more perfect. I am I,ago ing your grand daughters side taller painted in the coulor she requested. And the pole lamp for your hubby a room will be that great focal piece.

    Love the see your lamps you plan to make... I love wood balster lamps, they will be great when dressed in the perfect shades.

    Thank you for this inspiring share..l I think I needs some more lamps.. And thank you my sweet friend for your visit and leaving a comment that joyed my night here.

    See you soon.


    1. Thanks for visiting Dore! Now I have to figure out how to bore a straight line through the middle of these balusters! That's what hubbies are for right?! Have a wonderful day!

  2. That's a great floor lamp, so pretty. It's always the way that as soon as you settle on something, you find the thing you really wanted. Can't wait to see the lamp you make with the baluster!

    1. I love the floor lamp! I'm going to refinish it to see if I can lighten it a bit. You know I am a very patient person that will wait until I find what I want, but I had given up after a year!!


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