Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tutorial on how I painted my Christmas sign

Last week I went junking looking for something to make a couple of new lamps out of. I was unlucky in that search, but I did find a few other finds....

this great mirror, two cute frames for my gallery wall, and this paint display that housed paint samples from Pennsylvania House furniture. I got all items for $15.00!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this the minute I saw it. It's a generous 30" tall X 20" wide and it would be perfect for a Christmas sign I'd been wanting to make.

I cleaned it up really well

removed all of the horizontal

and vertical wood slats that held the samples in place. 

I sanded it until most of the finish was off

Then painted it with my latex wall paint in " Antique White", leaving all the outside edges unpainted

Let it dry overnight

Then slathered crackle medium over just the area that I painted, let dry overnight, then added another coat of paint, again I let it dry overnight.

While it was drying I found an image on the computer that I wanted to use, took it to FedEx and had them print one to the size I needed. It cost $2.16 to do this

found the center on the board and my piece of paper and aligned the sign up and taped it to the board

Laid some carbon paper, dull side down, and just started tracing the image onto my board

After I got it all traced I thought it needed a bit more to fill in the large space

So I drew a swirly image and some holly to add to the bottom, and I also added the North Star on the top. 

My board was now complete and I just needed to paint it.

You can use permanent markers, paint pens, or brushes to paint your image. I used a thin permanent black marker to outline everything then used a small paint brush and craft paints to fill it in. 
The colors I use in my Christmas decor, along with the green garlands and trees, are creams, silver, and gold. So that's the color I used in my signage......with a bit of red in the holly berries. 

Lastly, after all the painting is done, and letting it dry overnight, I wiped it down with Mocha colored glaze, rubbing hard to get in the crackles:) Wiping any excess away.

Total price........since the sign alone averaged out to be $5.00 and I had all the supplies already, and just had to buy the larger copy, the total was $7.16 

VoilĂ .....your sign is done! 


  1. So very cool! Love these Rhonda

  2. I Love it!! You make it look so easy!!

    1. Lol! It is pretty easy really! When I have projects like this I don't get much of anything else done! I love doing this stuff.

  3. Beautiful, Rhonda ~ you did a fantastic job! It looks totally professional and would sell for a lot of money in a store!!


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