Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Perfectly imperfect

I found this beautifully aged antique mirror at a local junk shop and I fell in love!
It's large and will make the most perfect piece of art for my wall, just the way it is

I had to spray the back of it with a spray poly to keep it from chipping further

You can see the back of it, and how much of the Mercury is gone

but that's the beauty of it.....for me.

Now I have to find the perfect spot for it:)

Stay tuned!


  1. Cannot wait to see where you put it; gorgeous!

    1. Soft course I have to find time to run and get some wire to hang it with, it's a large mirror and I don't need it falling off the wall........don't need 7 years bad luck😏

  2. I have mirrors like that and I agree, it just adds to the charm of the piece.

    1. You don't run across these everyday! I love the look, if you look on Pinterest they give ideas on how to achieve this look, so it was my lucky day!


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