Thursday, November 5, 2015

My new old mirror is hung

I got my mirror hung up today and it's perfect! I love the size, I love that the silvering is flaking off, giving it so much character. And it fit perfect where I wanted it to go, above my settee in the sunroom.

 I'm redoing a few things in this room, seriously, I would love to just start completely over. It desperately needs something, it needs a focal point, a "wow" factor. It's boring. I did remove one piece of furniture in there, simplifying by having fewer, but larger pieces. 

I was shopping for a different lamp when I found this mirror, one to replace the one you see in the picture. My quest will continue for the perfect one, of course I want something different.

 I did have a mirror hanging over this settee before, but I liked this one better, and for $5.00 it was a no-brainer. And the room houses some antique family heirlooms and the frame worked better with them.

Since I've pretty much taken all the things off of my master bedroom walls as well ( let's face it, I need a change) the mirror I took off the sunroom wall will either go in there or get sold. 

This is the one I had hanging before I found this one

The frames are pretty similar to the pictures I already have hanging in there.

I made a slipcover for this settee because our Jack Russell Terrier has adopted it as her day bed! She sheds like no other so I had to protect it from her hair that would literally embed itself into the fabric. It was a royal pain to make this slipcover so it's going to have to stay even though I'm tired of it. Besides, the color of the settee itself (navy) doesn't go with anything else in the house. 

I'm not sure what I'm looking for to add interest to my sunroom, but I always know it when I see it

I will keep you posted on any changes I make.


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