Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's my perogative......right?!

So I finally have a few projects.........yay!! I've been very selective lately, since I have been ridding myself of unnecessary "stuff" but there are always things that I have been wanting, or replacing.

I am in need of three table lamps, and of course, my creative side wants to make them, so I was looking for something to use for a base, or an old one to refurbish. I went junking last week looking but I found other things instead........of course.

One of those things was this great piece, I know it looks like a paint display that once held paint samples for the Pennsylvania House furniture line, but I saw something entirely different. 

It spoke to me, yes it happens! I don't want to tell you just yet what I saw the minute I laid eyes on it, you'll probably guess though, once you see my pics.

I'm going to turn it into something I have been wanting to make for awhile, and this only cost me $6.00 so I was pretty happy I ran across it.

So I got started on the preps for it

Took all the horizontal and vertical slats away and sanded almost all of the finish off of it

Spent hours on the computer looking for just the right image, because the tightwad in me didn't want to spend the $22.95 for a stencil that would be perfect.

Did all the work printing it out and sizing it to fit

Then changed my mind!!!!!!

I am my own worst enemy........I swear!

Any way, I think I'm going with a simpler look, I will be working on it this week hoping to get it done! I may have to bite the bullet and purchase that perfect stencil.......we'll see:( 

To be continued........


  1. I may have it figured out - but I'm not telling either! Lol

    1. Lol, I'm afraid to say in case it doesn't look good!!


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