Monday, October 5, 2015

Update on Barberton Mumfest and looking forward to another girlie weekend!

Last weekend I participated in the sidewalk sale in Barberton, at Alter'd Relics, for the annual Mumfest, it was a lot of fun, however I only got to participate one day. Late Saturday afternoon I developed a serious tummy ache and I was unable to go on Sunday. I was bummed, I don't know if I caught a bug, but the stomach ache lasted until Wednesday although it subsided gradually, I was not 100% most of the week. 

I didn't sell anything, I had mostly furniture, and no one comes to a festival to buy furniture. The jewelry vendors did real well, and the shop itself sold a lot of small items. The store got a lot of recognition though, and people now know what an awesome little shop it is. I did, however, sell a bed that I'd had in the shop for quite awhile so that made my day.

I really love how this bed turned out and I'm so glad it found a home!

Alter'd Relics also asked me if I would make a few things for there upcoming Christmas show, so now I have to get busy.

This upcoming weekend is the annual girlie weekend when my Iowa friends come to visit for four days! So clearly I'm not going to get anything done, but we will be doing some junking and there are some things I need to make a few lampshades and pillows, those seem to be my most popular items that sell. I won't be looking for furniture to restore though, I have two more furniture pieces at the shop to sell before they have room for anything else. 

It has been awhile since I have been creative and I'm really anxious to get back to it! I'll be staying home for a bit now to get things done, lol!

There are also a few changes I want to make in my house too, so I'll be shopping for a few new things for myself too. 

I hope I have some luck junking this weekend so I have pictures to share. But I do know that we are going to have a lot of fun, we always do!


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Kim! We always have a great time, just being together!


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