Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Restoration Hardware Chair Hack!

I finally got one of my chairs finished!! I can't believe it, I thought I'd never get it done. I always wonder why I post pictures at the start of my projects knowing full well that my readers are going to want to see results in a timely manner! Maybe now I've learned how important it is to have the projects completely done before I start posting.

If you've been following along, I started deconstructing my set of wingback chairs way back in the Spring. I hadn't gotten back to them work on them until last week when I finally finished one of my two chairs.

I am really happy with how the first one turned out, but I'm hoping I learned enough on that chair to hopefully do a better job on the second one. There are a few issues that I'd like to address on this one after I get the second one finished. 

This is what they looked like "before"  (minus the seat cushion!) I took the cushion off and forgot to put it back on before this shot.

I bought a set of these chairs at my favorite second hand furniture store for $60.00 a piece. They looked like this for awhile because I wasn't sure what to do with them.

And then I made these slipcovers for them and they looked like this for a couple years......

Until I found this inspiration chair!

If you've been following, the chair below is from Restoration Hardware, I love these chairs, but at $1995.00-$2695 each, that wasn't gonna happen.  


So I decided to rip into mine!

And here's the result:

This really was a fun project, I was always curious to know how a chair was upholstered, so this gave me a chance to see how it's done. Really not complicated at all how it all comes together, but it's important to have the right tools if you're going to upholster furniture. I don't have the correct tools, but I got done what I needed to get done with a screw driver, a needle-nose pliers, two sided carpet tape, tacks, and a tack hammer. I recovered my chair with a canvas painters drop cloth and burlap.  I also had to paint the frame to get that RH look.

The materials for my chairs cost $86.00 total:) I had the paint so I didn't need to buy that. So both my chairs will have cost me $206.00 total!

So, what do you think?


  1. I absolutely LOVE it! Well done, my friend!!

  2. Anonymous12:24:00 PM

    I love restoration hardware!! I did one of these chairs too as I didn't want to pay the restoration price! I wish mine had a taller back on it like yours does. Well done! You do beautiful work! Please come and share! I would love it if you would join in on my Making Broken Beautiful party! It starts 6:00pm (MST) this Thursday September 10 and I would love to have you join up each week!
    Smiles for a great week!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment! I would love to share my work on your website! Thanks for asking!

  3. Anonymous1:18:00 PM

    Thank you for joining in on my party! I was excited you shared this awesome chair with us! Please share some more next week, you are always welcome!

    1. Thanks Terry, I will be joining your parties! So fun to share projects with other DIYers!


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