Friday, September 11, 2015

AC/DC concert & a spruced up mantle

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! It's the last 3 day hurrah before we start getting ready for, well, you know.

We had an awesome weekend that extended into Wednesday, camping up in Maumee Bay, Ohio with life long friends from Iowa.

We had a blast!

Relaxing, bike riding, exploring the area, laughing until we cried......very therapeutic:)
We did have an ulterior motive for this trip, we were chilling before we headed up to Detroit for the AC/DC concert! I am a huge fan, and if you are too, I suggest you try and see them. They only had six U.S. cities scheduled for this tour and we were lucky they chose a city that was so close.

This is one event I can cross off my bucket list.......and they did not disappoint! 


However, it took a few days before our ears were back to normal!

Hubby & me......old rockers!

Now that I'm home for a tiny bit, I thought I'd take advantage of my hydrangea blooms and spruce up my mantle.

I'm not quite ready to bust out the pumpkins.


  1. Fellow old rocker, here! I got a couple checks off my list in the past year, as well. So happy you had a great time.
    Now, the pumpkins; I usually bring out my "fall" over Labor Day! I lovelovelove the fall. Of course, right now, I have no flooring so we may be getting that decor up about the same time this year!

    1. The only place I decorate on the inside of my house for fall is the fireplace mantle, but I always decorate my front porch with pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, straw bales etc. it's just too early for that yet, I'll start shopping for that stuff in a couple of weeks.

  2. The concert looks like so much fun! You are lucky to have caught a show. All these classic bands seem to be touring less and less...everyone's getting old!! Not us, though! ;-)

    1. It was amazing to see Angus Young still strutting his stuff across the stage in his schoolboy outfit!! That's what I wanted to see, he was great, played for two hours straight and never stopped! He's 60 years young for goodness sakes! I was in heaven😊


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