Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our visit to Black Dog Salvage

On our way home on Monday we decided to drive up to Roanoke, Virginia to visit "Black Dog Salvage." 

The drive alone was worth it, the mountains are beautiful. I could seriously move to a little shanty on the side of one of those mountains to enjoy that view everyday! 

The weather was gorgeous, we had the windows open as we were driving the on those winding mountain roads, I was in heaven.

Our trip to Black Dog Salvage was so inspirational, they have such amazing ideas on how to repurpose old architectural pieces! Their inventory is quite impressive, and they have items from various artisans for sale also! Can you say CREATIVE?!

If you watch the tv show, "Salvage Dawg" on DIY network you'll have an idea of what to expect here. Everything you need  if you have an old home that you are trying to restore. 

Even the kitchen sinks!

I fell in love with this piece, upholstered using an old rag rug! Very BoHo!!

Body parts and pieces, I was rummaging around for a new pair of legs.....

This is a doggy high chair, for a big dog! And, of course, I forgot what they called it but it was quite clever. I knew I should have written it down.

Loved the lights made with metal pipes!

And I personally need this rocker with a wine glass holder:)

A desk they were building for "the Big Dog's" office, made from logs and tin sheeting, so cool!

And of course.....the kitchen (or bathroom) sinks!  

My husband bought a small sign for his man cave and a t-shirt, I bought a small picture to sit on our mantle. 
But more than that, I always leave these places with a head full of ideas.


  1. I have never been to one of these places, there is nothing like it near my home. It's very cool. I saw some really neat stuff. Did you find yourself a new pair of legs? ;-)

    1. Lol, all they had was short legs, might as well keep my own!! But oh do they have marvelous stuff, they are one talented bunch!

  2. THANKS FOR SHARING!! My comment was going to be "Bet your head was buzzing"! LOL Maybe we will find a flea market or junk shop next month!!

    1. I have had a creative lull for awhile now, probably because there aren't places like that around here, I always get such inspiration when I visit such talented artisans! My head was spinning when I was in there, bottom can make something out of ANYTHING!!


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