Monday, June 15, 2015

Sidewalk Sale Extravaganza

I tried yesterday to post this but it just would not upload my's always something. 

I had such a good time Saturday at the sidewalk sale, and the weather although it was really hot and did not rain! We had canopies set up just in case though so we were prepared.

Thanks to these beautiful ladies at Alter'd Relics for a great day! Pam, and daughter's Angela, and Arica

The sale itself went well, we had a steady stream of customers, but they were more interested in the jewelry vendors. You just never know what people are looking for at any given time, but it wasn't furniture.......not that day.

Barberton, OH is an old town, the population is basically blue collar. As with most old small towns, the downtown area got hit hard once the malls, convenience stores and big box stores moved in. The downtown area is so quaint and beautiful, with it's historical buildings, and a lake that sits in the center of the square, I love the ambiance. The downtown area looked like a ghost town up until a couple of years ago. Slowly the stores are filling up with antique and vintage shops, and restaurants. It breaks my heart to see these beautiful old towns with vacant store fronts and baron streets. 

But, the city is trying hard to come back by filling some shops, holding events and festivals, it's starting to come around slow but sure.

There were four vendors that were selling painted furniture and other handmade decor and there were three jewelry vendors. 

I had two sets of hat boxes that I covered with wallpaper border and distressed them and these two mirrors that Rick and I made.

Along with a few vintage items that I pick up at flea markets etc. to fill spaces.

These primitive paintings that I did on old windows were a stretch, they didn't fit the vintage vibe, but I have been hanging on to them for so long........I thought I'd give them one more shot. I just hoped to get rid of them. Goodwill here they come!
The dresser, bed, and mirrors are still for sale at the store in case your interested.

Vendor Carrie, paints furniture in bright, cheery colors! She had a few Americana pieces at the sale too.

I must say, this vintage sewing machine repurposed into a little girls vanity was an amazing idea!

Yvonne, from " Olde French Door." I think Yvonne is a lot like me in that she does a little bit of everything! She paints on furniture, makes rusty wall art for indoors and out, and makes incredible dolls! 

Katie makes jewelry by combining crochet with various jewelry, glass, and sculpture techniques, truly one of a kind! Of course she also makes beautiful scarves.

Jennifer from "Hennysartiques" made her jewelry by repurposing old watch parts & resin & vintage comic pictures and spoons & beads. Very cool!

And the last vendor, Kim from "Fabric Bon-Bon's" makes Bohemian Ballet Wrap bracelets and necklaces out of the leather from ballet slippers. So clever and so beautiful!

So, even though I didn't sell anything, it was a fun day and I met some new friends. Better luck next time........maybe I should start making jewelry!

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