Friday, June 12, 2015

Priced and ready to go!

Everything that's going to the sale tomorrow is tagged and easy to go. 

Three mirrors that my hubby and I made, three primitive pictures that I painted years ago that are leftover from another store, I think I painted eight windows for this women who owned this little shop in Fredericksburg, OH and this is what's left. Two sets of hat boxes that I covered in wall border and distressed, and two pillows. 

I have some cream USA pottery at the store that I will discount as well.

This cute little dresser

And of course, this bed. 

(I did not have enough time today to make another shade. Oh well, on my next attempt I can take my time and show you how I did it:)

If I don't have to bring this stuff back home I have gained some space in the shed to maybe get another piece to work on!!

Come see us in Barberton, Ohio if you live nearby, it's going to be a lot of fun ( and I pray we don't get the rain that we are getting right now!) I probably won't make a cent on this sale cuz the other vendors things are GORGEOUS!  

Wish me luck tomorrow, I'll post pics:)

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