Friday, May 1, 2015

The next steps in my deconstructed chairs

I've been working on my chairs when I can, I've had to add an extra couple of days to my normal babysitting schedule last week, but now I'm ready to get these things done.

I thought I'd show you where I'm at so far.

I can say that I am so tired of pulling staples, my fingers are sore and my knuckles are skinned, that all goes along with this love of DIYing! And people wonder why I don't get manicures!

After I got all of the fabric off that needed to come off, I found of course, that the woods were all different. Typically, the frames of chairs are made of different hardwoods. The legs and frames are oak because of its strength, and the rest is typically a more inexpensive wood such as poplar. Anyway, I was dealing with different color woods and if the wood is going to be exposed, it has to match. So I had to experiment with paint colors to get the color that I want the wood to be. If you are familiar with Restoration Hardwares furniture, which is what I'm trying to hack here, you'll know that some of their pieces have wood that looks a bit grayish brown. That's the color I'm trying to copy. 

The legs were stained with a cherry stain

and the rest was bare oak and poplar

This is the color I want

So I painted a board white and put a dark stain over dark

I painted brown with the same stain wiped over it, too brown and too perfect

And I painted another board white and wiped a combination of the same brown paint with a tad bit of black paint but I did not mix the two. I just dipped my brush into the paint and brushed a section and dabbed a section (to see which texture I wanted) over the white, and I'm going with the dabbed section, it turned out just right! 

So today I am going to try and get them all painted so I can start the fun stuff

to get creative with fabric and burlap!

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