Friday, May 15, 2015

Deconstructed chair update

Chair update:

Today I got all of the chair pieces sewn together and placed on at least one chair, just to see how it will look. So far I'm really pleased.

I learned so much about upholstering doing this project, it's really not complicated at all, it's just all in how well you staple/nail the pieces on. And that's my next step but I wanted to show you what I learned.

This is how my chairs looked once I removed all the fabric. I do have my upholstery fabric on the back of this chair but I haven't stapled it in place yet.

I have the fabric laid on the inside of the "wings" too.

You can see the extra fabric that I pulled through the frame of the chair

These large pieces of fabric is the fabric that goes on the inside back of the chair, I just pulled it tight through the frame, now I have to trim and staple it in place.

You can see two separate pieces of fabric pulled through the frame in this picture.

The shorter piece is the piece that's covering the "wing" section of the chair, again pulled through the frame.

And the seat fabric is pulled through to the back as well. 

So this is what the front looks like after pulling the fabric through the frame of the chair.

Everything that I cut is going to fit, now I have to staple the fabric to the inside of the frame. And use small nails to fold the fabric under and nail it in place, for a finished look, like the picture below shows:


I'm going to have Rick move the chairs to the basement now, just so it will be easier to work on them down there. 

I am getting excited about these chairs now, but they're not done yet!


  1. Wow, they're really starting to take shape and coming along beautifully! Glad you're sharing the process with me encouragement to tackle a small slipper chair that needs redone. Have a wonderful week ~ Mickie.

    1. Thank you Mickie, I am pleased with them so far! This project hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I hope you're able to understand the process by the way I explain things. It's hard to get my point across:) Thanks for your comment:)


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