Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day and resuming work on the chairs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past Sunday. I certainly did, in fact, I had a whole  weekend of wonderful!

Friday my daughter and two of my grandkids took me shopping and out to lunch. It was a beautiful day and it felt so good to spend the day just relaxing and strolling in the sun.

Saturday my husband and I got started on the basement bathroom, the last room in the basement that needs to get finished. Then we went for a nice drive, came home and had a nice grilled salmon dinner and a glass of wine.

Sunday, my other daughter and her family came over and made an early dinner for us, I didn't have to do a thing! My kind of Mother's Day! 

Today was the first day I had a chance to get back to my deconstructed chairs. I needed to walk away for a bit, my next step is going to be the most challenging.

I got the wingback portion of the fabric sewed today. I had to cut fabric to fit on the wing that goes on the inside of the chairs, and I cut a strip of fabric that lays on top of the arm. If that makes any sense, I will take pictures of that when I get that fabric piece on the chair. 

First I took the fabric piece that I pulled off the chair and cut four pieces just like it

Then I measured the length of the arm and cut four strips 44" long x 6" wide

I then sewed the pieces together so the wing part of the fabric goes on the inside and the long thin strip is on top of the arm. It will make more sense when I get it on the chair

This is the wing section

And this is the curved end of the arm

I was hoping to get more of it done but man o' live was it cold outside today! We may get frost tonight even, which means I have to go get my beautiful hanging plant in that the grandkids got me on Sunday. So I spent the day getting the sewing done, I'm hoping tomorrow is warmer so I can go work out in the shed. 

Anyway, baby steps on this project, by the time I got done today I had a headache. Tomorrow will be a better day:)

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