Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chair update

We had our garage sale on Friday & Saturday and what we learned was.......not to have a garage sale on a holiday weekend!

We didn't have much traffic, so I am going to try and have one in July. I didn't have much on this garage sale, but the big things we had did sell. A riding lawn mower, a pak-n-play and a high chair that we will no longer need. Our grand babies have out grown them and there doesn't appear to be any more in the future:)

Sunday and Monday we spent with family, having a BBQ and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I couldn't wait to get back to my chair, I worked on it yesterday and finished it today. Well, I finished the body of the chair, I still have the cushion to cover but I need more fabric so I can finish the cushions. 

I still have the other chair to do but I was excited to share pictures of the first one.

I learned a lot so the second chair should go a lot easier, or quicker. In any case, I know where the problem areas are now so I know better how to do it.

The process wasn't hard at all, it just took time to pound the tacks in. 

Some areas were easier than others because of the angle wasn't the easiest to maneuver. 

I wanted the tacks to look a little wonky, not too evenly spaced apart. 

The back and arms turned out really well, a little puckering, but I'm not an expert!! I do know why now, I needed more stuffing in the arms, but I had already tacked the fabric down and wasn't able to add more. I have to do the second chair the same way so they match.

I am very happy with them, I can't wait to get the cushions covered.

The sides were easy

I wasn't sure how to finish the back, so I just tacked the burlap around the edges and decided to let the stuffing show in the small areas. I love the look of the really distressed deconstructed chairs, but it just wouldn't match the rest of my decor:) So I'll settle for some exposed stuffing.

It looks pretty good huh?!

I will have pictures of two finished chairs as soon as I get them finished. 

So......what do you think of my "Restoration Hardware" chair hack?


  1. I am so very impressed, my girl. Wow; it looks great! And, I don't mind the puckering; it goes with the entire concept, I think. You are amaZIING!

    1. You always have such nice things to say! Thank you my friend! I had fun with this project and I can't wait to start on the second one.


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