Friday, April 10, 2015

French chair with seed sack upholstery

Remember this chair that I bought about 100 years ago? Seriously! But I did post a picture a couple of posts back to give you a little reminder that I hadn't forgot to share it when it was done:)

This chair has been a literal thorn in my side, you know what I mean. A simple little project that takes just a few minutes to reupholster IF you find the right fabric. 

I searched everyplace for something different to cover the seat with but I had no luck. Maybe I didn't really know what I was looking for, maybe I'm just too picky, maybe I'm too frugal. But I was willing to spend a little more for just the right fabric.  

I do know that I am a very patient person when it comes to finding the right thing. 

So......what did I finally use to cover this cute little chair with? A grain sack, a stinkin little grain sack but it spoke to me:)

I wanted something simple, sort of a "make-do" look. I've always loved that look, of repairing things with what you had on hand. And I didn't worry a whole lot whether the wording was centered in the middle of the seat, just as long as it fit. So imagine this chair needing a new seat fabric and all you had on hand was an old grain sack that barely fit, as long as it covered the seat it worked. That's what they did back in the day. 

I found this grain sack on eBay, I loved this one in particular because I liked that it said Sweet Clover on it. I remember as a kid thinking that the Iowa pastures were filled with beautiful pink and white "flowers" little did I know they were weeds. I used to lay in the grass and nibble on the sweet petals. It made me smile at the memory. Aren't those the things you want to fill your home with.........things that make you smile:)

This was the chair before:

Before I could upholster the seat I wanted to completely strip all of the old finish off. I used Citrus-strip, which is water based and non toxic. I did nothing else to the chair, no finish what-so-ever, I just wanted it completely bare. I had this process done for almost a year, just waiting for fabric!

This is the chair that is currently in my master bath, where this new one will go.

I had to cut the sack to make it wide enough for the seat

Once it was cut I laid it out flat

And positioned the seat under the sack where I wanted it, flopped it over and just started stapling. Fold the four corners over last and staple them really good.

I really think it turned out cute:)

My bathroom and bedroom are currently under a bit of a redo. Just a few changes that I want to make to freshen my look up a little. So I did nothing more than place the chair so I could finally post a picture of my first project of 2015!!!

So.......was it worth the wait?!? 


  1. Absolutely worth the wait, Rhonda. It turned out beautifully. You're so smart to wait for the perfect thing because then you will be happy with it for a long time. The natural wood of the chair is really beautiful too!

    1. Thanks JoAnne, it fits this country girl just fine:)


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