Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beautiful old ironstone and a great grain sack

On Friday my daughter Carrie and I set out to do some junking, in a new location. The last few times we've gone to our old favorites we were so bummed when we both came home empty handed. Junking isn't what it used to be!

We set out to find a few thrift stores and antique shops in a nearby town, she had better luck than I did, but she got some nice things. I didn't get a chance to get pictures of her stuff, but she got a great little side table for her living room that will look great with the new furniture she is getting in June.

I was looking for a small table, something new to hang above our bed in the master bedroom, some antique lace and old linens to cover a couple of lampshades with, and some different table lamps. Guess what, I found non of that! But I did get a few cool pieces of ironstone and a great looking feed sack that I will use to upholster something with. Next time I will look for a few pieces of ironstone and some grain sacks so I'll find a small table, old linens and a couple of lamps! 

I do love ironstone though, and it's rare that I find any because everyone else is looking for it too. But I love the pieces that are crazed and discolored, which just adds another hurdle when looking for ironstone, because those are really rare, at least around here. When I brought them to the counter to pay for them the women behind the cash register asked me if I was going to try and bleach them white! Are you kidding, it's hard to find pieces full of these glorious hairline cracks and color variations! She was happy:)

I'm keeping the beautiful old discolored pieces for myself, but I bought this great ironstone tureen complete with lid AND ladle to resell. It's hard to find them complete like this one, and it is perfect, although too white for my liking.

I don't have a project yet for the grain sack but I'll just hang on to it until I need it.


  1. So true - when you set out to find something in particular, of course you can't find it. You did find some wonderful things though. Sounds like a fun day with your daughter!

    1. Isn't that always the way it goes JoAnne? But, your right, the best part of this day was spending it with my daughter. We went out for a nice lunch too, something we don't always get to do these days. It was a good day:)


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