Friday, February 20, 2015

Stash your Stuff!

So, how is the weather where you are?! We are getting yet another winter storm, I think we've been under some kind of snow watch, advisory, or warning every weekend since January 1! We have a bunch of snow already but it just keeps piling on more. I know we are not alone:(

Anyway, since I've been a shut-in, I told you I have been sorting through all of the stuff I've already sorted through! I am a STICKLER for organization, even though my office space says otherwise, the rest of my house does. It speaks volumes about how I don't like clutter, or "stuff" sitting around on an everyday basis. I don't have to "stage" my home much when I take pictures, when it's clean, it looks just like my "home tour" pictures. I don't like toothbrushes in a cute little toothbrush holder on the bathroom vanity. Or perfume and makeup sitting out on your bedroom dresser, stuff like that. I sound like a real drill sergeant don't I?! Lol, I'm not, I just like to have stuff in a spot, out of sight. It looks better, to me, and is so much easier to keep clean. 

I am also a lover of old boxes, chests, trunks, baskets, and I collect them. They make beautiful time worn decor for my home and they make great places to store "stuff!"

Like our entertainment unit.......

It houses books and magazines that I love to pull out and read on a day like today......

on one side and behind closed doors are things I don't want to see, like games, dvd's, exercise equipment etc.

And on the other side is where I store the years of Country Living magazines that I've accumulated. I will be going through these next:)

Some of my boxes are empty and are used for decor, but they are there when I need them.

I love old firkins.......

And this old wooden box at the end of our bed is where sweaters go

This is my toothbrush holder, it keeps everything off the bathroom vanity.

Even cardboard boxes that I covered with paper holds jewelry and sits under a table in the Master

And, this slant top desk houses all of my perfumes, deodorant, and lotions. Out of sight but easy access everyday.

These old chests are where I keep gifts, no one knows this:) The bottom one is full of my daughters gift for her March birthday coming up.

In my pantry I have a bucket bench that I finished with a crackled paint effect and distressed it. On it I keep old yellow ware full of onions, potatoes, etc. Cute display and easy to grab when we need them.

My mother-in-law bought me all the Redwing, they are commemorative pieces from my home town of Emmetsburg, Iowa. I love this set and I keep matches, replacement wicks for my oil lamps, stuff like that in them. 

This little box is a cute way to store small things, right now it's empty though.

It has two drawers, I love it:)

And my trunks that I have had forever, but just recently redid are in the sun/reading room. I have family memorabilia in them, from my mother-in-law. Things that we can't part with but will someday pass down. Those things are safe in here, not packed away in a a hot attic, or a damp basement.

There are so many things you can use for storage that also make gorgeous home decor. These are just a few solutions that I have to keep things out of sight and make my house easier to clean. I hope this gave you a good idea for storage and organizing all your "stuff!"


  1. Love all of it, Rhonda! Your home is very well organized and the storage is creative and appealing. <3

    1. Thanks Nancy, it comes in handy being obsessed with old chests and trunks:) I forgot to mention that I also stash stuff in baskets:)


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