Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inexpensive window covering options

One thing I really try to do in writing this blog is to show you different ideas on how to save money when decorating your home. To me, one of the most expensive things these days is window coverings. I can't believe the cost of curtains, and they are sold by the panel these days. If you have a lot of windows in your home like I do, I have 21, the cost can get rediculous. I'm lucky in that I can make curtains if I need to, but I know a lot of people don't sew or are too busy to make curtains. But even the cost of fabric gets expensive given the amount you need to make curtains. 

Here are several fabric options that make lovely curtains, many are no-sew!

Here are several options:

1. Canvas dropcloths

I recently made a bedspread from a canvas dropcloth. I love the look it gives my bedroom, a homespun linen look, without the hefty price tag that goes with linen. I have made several things from dropclothes, for that reason, it just looks good and is very cost effective. 
And the sizes are perfect for no-sew curtains if you simply use drapery clips. If the cloth is two long you can fold it over like the photo below.

Dropcloths can be purchased at Home Depot in several sizes and range in price $15.00-30.00.

2. Tablecloths

I've made many window coverings using vintage tablecloths. The beauty of the fabric is better than any you can buy at such a reasonable price.

3. Bed sheets

Another great source for making window coverings. Bed sheets come in so many different patterns and soft colors. I've even seen curtains made from chenille bedspreads, very soft and romantic looking.


Get creative, you can make tiers, valances, long & short drapes, balloon valances and get creative with your tiebacks too!

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