Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year's resolution for 2015:)

So now that we are home from our travels and the holidays are over I had to come face to face with my bathroom scale. It was bound to happen, and I was ready for it, how can you go to Germany and not put on a few pounds?!? Now that the damage is done, my resolution for this new year is to get rid of them, quickly, after all when you're a little over 5'1" every pound shows.

One of the best things about traveling is eating the foods native to the country. I've had German food here in the states but it's just not the same as having it made right in the country where it originated. I wanted to try as many dishes as I could without overdoing it too much. For the most part we ate breakfast everyday, which in Paris and Germany means breads. The Croissants, baggets, and muffins every morning filled us up until dinner, so we bypassed lunch altogether. And when we wanted to taste something like the potato pancakes, we bought just one and shared it amongst us, just to get a taste. So it's not that we ate that much, we just ate that bad!

And the fact that we walked and walked and walked didn't even begin to help me out. When I say "me" I mean ME, cuz the hubby didn't gain a pound. My Fitbit tracked us walking an average of 10,000 steps a day, and on our first day in Paris we trekked over 12,000 steps, so we did get our exercise in. 

But nothing could help me after ingesting all these goodies:

On our first day there all I had for lunch was a bowl of Pumpkin soup. I wanted something to warm me up and I'd never had it before and was always curious, so I tried it. This soup had a buttery flavor with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, delicious!

Kartoffelpuffer or Potato Pancakes served with applesauce. Crispy outside, tender potato inside and you dip it in the applesauce. 

You can't be in Germany and not have their delicious sausages, of all kinds.

I wasn't that hungry when we went to dinner in Weisbaden so I just ordered an appetizer platter. It was a huge portion of sausages, cheese, and bread, my families entrees were smaller!

Sweet little Macaroons. These tiny two-bite treats are made with buttercream and jam filling sandwiched between two light meringue type cookie that came in many flavors. We had vanilla, chocolate and raspberry. 

Roast pork with Spaetzle. This was absolutely delicious! If you have never had this delicious home made pasta you must! Spaetzle has always been one of my favorites so I had to try it here in Germany.

Of course you have to have Weinershnitzel when your in Germany, breaded pork and fried, so good!

Schokokuss-I wouldn't have tried these if my niece hadn't bought some. She said they were filled with a marshmallowy filling (but you're not suppose to call it marshmallow!!:) so I just thought super sweet and wasn't too interested. They are likened to Mallowmars or Moon Pies in the US, but believe me, they don't even come close. They are made with egg white foam covered in chocolate (or other flavors) on a cookie base. OMG, I only had one but I could have eaten more, good thing it was our last night in Germany! They were not as sweet as I thought they'd be, they tasted like chocolate covered whip cream...........ooooooooooo so delicious!

I miss them:(

And last but CERTAINLY not least.......Gluhwein! We drank these tiny little mugs of hot mulled wine every night! Yikes, I know right, but how could you not? It was cold and holding these hot cups of deliciousness warmed our hands and our bodies:) They are served in cute ceramic mugs that you can buy and keep refilling them and take them home, or you can turn them in when you're done drinking. We have a nice set of nine, yup nine, I missed out somewhere!

Here is a recipe for Gluhwein so you can keep warm on these cold winter nights:)

Did I mention that the hubby didn't gain an ounce, even after drinking those 1-liter beers! Not all.

Just getting back to my normal eating pattern will do the trick, but I will have to step up the workouts a bit to help things along. I will keep you posted:)


  1. I love German food. My moms adopted father was German and my mom learned to cook many german dishes that were amazing. My brother and his wife do a lot of European travel and loved the xouple of times they went to Gemany :)
    My dream is to get some more traveling in, would love to visit Ireland.
    Your meals here and treats of sweets delight.

    Thank you for the tour, and thank you for your beautiful visits.
    Keep inspiring us :)


  2. Thank you for your comment Dore! I sure wish we had more time in Paris to go to the flea markets. The one we were going to visit was closed on Mondays, of course! Anyway, we had a wonderful time, our niece is relocating to England in a few months so England and Ireland are on our bucket list!


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