Saturday, January 17, 2015

Decorating with white and how to make it work

First of all I want to report that I lost 3 lbs. this week, yay, I knew when I got back to my normal eating habits I would lose the weight. If you read my last post (you can read it here) you'll know that I packed on a few pounds while on vaca and I want to get them off ASAP. I don't want them to get too comfy:) I have a few more to go before I'm back on track, hopefully they will come off this week:)

I must admit though, I have had no motivation, natta, zilch, none. I don't know if it's because we left on vacation right after Thanksgiving and got home in time to celebrate Christmas and everything was a bit rushed or if it's the weather. I think both have a little bit to do with it, but I have been so tired and unmotivated this new year. We finally took the undecorated trees down yesterday, but I must admit I could have kept them up all year. I really liked the look of the white lights on bare trees, you know I love the ambiance of soft lighting and I loved sitting at night with just my tree lights on.  

And even though I've been a slug I always find time to sit (by tree lights) and peruse Pinterest or Flipboard, or Houzz looking for inspiration. I do have a few projects that I have in mind, things I have been waiting to do until after the holidays. And now that the signs of Christmas are all tucked away I can move on into the New Year. 

This post, however will address a question that I get from time to to decorate with whites and still have a warm and inviting home? Most people think of all white decor as being stark and cold, but it can be quite the opposite. I am not a decorator, it was my dream, but I never got that far. Everything that I do is by my own eye, and I just do what most of you do, I decorate with things I love. And everything that I talk about are my own words, my own feelings, my own ideas. 

When you are decorating with whites, it depends on the color white you choose. There are a lot of choices out there and it can be confusing, just make sure you choose a warm white. Whites with a blue hue are cold colors while whites with a yellow hue are warm colors. I painted my home using Antique White from Behr, a creamy warm color. 

Another tip that is most important is pattern and texture. It could get pretty boring if you don't have those two elements in monochromatic d├ęcor. You need texture and pattern for visual interest. If you want to take my home tour you can take a look here. And though my home isn't decorated with a completely white palette, I can tell you how to make an all white decor work, simply by using pattern and texture. I have a lot of woods: wood floors, wood cabinets, natural wood furniture etc. all those elements make my home feel warm and inviting with my white elements. I must admit that I have several different whites that I paint with, while most of my walls are antique white, I have painted some of my furniture with leftover paints that I combined which left me with a custom color that I can not name:) Hey, I hate waste!

I will show you examples of pattern and texture:

The slipcovers that I made for my wing chairs are made using 4 different fabrics. 4 different patterns and three different textures, but all in the same color family.

Our master bed and bath are painted Dolphin Fin from Behr, a really light shade of gray. 

And I have incorporated cream and gray patterned pillows along with a ruched gray pillow for texture.

Along with a linen bedding.......

and for winter, a lusciously warm faux fur throw.......I feel luxurious while keeping toasty:)

The guest room is Antique White with crisp white bedding....

(My curtains are the same throughout our home and bring on a pink tone when the daylight shows through in my pictures, but they are the same color as the walls but a tad darker.)

With a touch of light gray pattern in the pillows.

Texture comes in the form of lace......


Furry dogs...........:)

Texture also adds a tone on tone pattern, subtle but effective

Picture frames..........

Distressed wood even adds texture

Sisal rugs

Even the grazing on my ironstone adds texture

Along with my rusty "R"

And the face of my clock

Baskets are an awesome way to add texture to all of your rooms. I love old time worn baskets

Even little treasures can add a little texture and a "pop" of color:) I just couldn't resist including the Christmas gift that my 6 year old grand daughter made......just for me:)

So if you have a desire to decorate with a truly all white decor like the one below.....


Remember to paint your walls a warm white and as the picture shows pattern and texture add visual interest and warmth.


  1. I so love this! So much good information and a lovely home. <3

    1. Thanks Nancy! And I can't wait to see how the color that you chose looks on all of your walls.

  2. Oh, I just love that white wing chair, Rhonda! I have always wanted to do a chair with mixed fabric..lovely!

    1. Thank you Kim! Those slipcovers took a lot of patience and I was really happy when I finished them!

  3. It's amazing how so many have different styles. Color is important. Have a lovely day.

  4. Thanks Rhonda, you have provided some great information and pointers. Way back, it took me the longest to figure out what was up with my whites. Some were creamy, dreamy, comforting (love that kind) and some were cold and untouchable. And then I figured out that if it looked a bit "dirty or off color" in the store (fluorescent lights) then it was the color for me. The same when picking out paint. You did a fantastic job on your slip cover~~~gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    1. I'm so glad you found my post informative! And thank you for your sweet comment about my slipcovers:)


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