Thursday, December 18, 2014

The churches in Munich

Europe has some of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. It's hard to understand how they could build something so large and so ornate and so precise without the tools and technology that we have today. 

The one below is St. Michael's Church in Munich. My picture quality isn't very good but pictures don't do these justice anyway, but I tried to capture the enormity of this church.

This next church is much smaller, but I think it is the most beautifully ornate church that I have ever seen.  

The Asamkirche Church, also in Munich


  1. Breathtaking, so gorgeous, the awe you must have felt!!! I too have often wondered how such architectural wonders were created...with all the tools I have I can't even cut a board straight.

    1. I really was in awe, simply unbelievable how this can be done, I could just imagine the time it took to create these beautiful buildings! The whole trip left me in awe, I'm a little Iowa girl:)


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