Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Munich, Germany

The New Town Hall in Munich, which was  rebuilt after much of the original town hall was destroyed in WWII. It's so beautiful and ornate, it looks like it was built much earlier, the original was built between 1470 & 1480

The whole thing was just hauntingly beautiful in the glow of the Christmas tree
This picture didn't turn to well but I wanted to get a close up of the figures on this building. We didn't get to see it but they are animated and move on a timer. So beautiful. 

Most famous Bavarian restaurant in Munich

Nikki and Matt, Dorothy was passed out in the booth!

The beer

The food

This was my "appetizer" plate that I ordered because I wasn't that hungry!!

And the Christmas Mart

Where we get our Gluhwein 

Beautiful Christmas lights eveywhere

Traditional Bavarian attire is still being worn by some

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