Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's going to be a German Christmas!

The Christmas Marts in Germany are wonderful, beautiful with colored and white lights, festivity everywhere. The little booths are set up with everything you can think of. I was imagining just Christmas decorations before I got there, but there are so many German made gifts to buy as well. I could have gone crazy, good thing I had limited space in my luggage, but we did buy an extra carry on for some of the things we bought. 

These wooden cut out ornaments are very popular in Germany, they are everywhere. I always regret not buying more of these types of things, to keep for myself and for gifts. 

These heavy glass ornaments are so beautiful! These are hand painted by sticking the brush inside the hole at the top! How anyone can do this simply amazes me, and I guess there are very few who can do it. These are beautiful heirloom pieces. 
It's painted inside the whole bulb

I need to find a very thin ribbon to use to hang it, but for now I just have it hung with a wire hanger.

The following ornaments were bought at a garden center, not German made. I loved the silver star made of wire wrapped completely with string then spray painted silver, and sprinkled glitter large and small, I thought it was beautiful and I bought three, they are quite large so they really show up on the tree.

Then I bought some candle clips and candles to put on the tree, I burned the wicks to make it look like they have been lit, but of course they are just for looks.

My niece gave us these beautiful eggs that she got from the Czech Republic. Hand made somehow by making holes in the egg shells without breaking them then intricately painting around them. She have us three, two white and one cream, and believe it or not they made it all the way home in my purse without getting broke! I love them.

We bought each family an heirloom quality German Christmas ornament, the painted one you see above. All things sold at the Christmas marts are genuinely made in Germany or surrounding areas. And of course we brought a bunch of German chocolate for the grand kids. 


  1. What beautiful mementos to give and keep. I cant believe the ones that are painted inside...Fabulous!!!

    1. I wish I had bought more but we had to buy another carry on just to get the stuff that we did buy home! Everything at the Christmas marts is just so amazing. What an experience:)


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