Friday, December 19, 2014

Fussen, Germany to see the castle of King Ludwig II

I'm sorry if you are getting tired of all my photos of our trip, but my mother lives so far away and it's the only way I can share my pictures with her and my friends the easy way:) Fair warning, I have lots more!

We took the train to Fussen, located in Bavaria, Germany, just north of the Austrian border. That's where the castles were that we wanted to see. It's such a quaint little city, it looks exactly how I imagined a German town would look. 

Our hotel was so cute

On our way to breakfast before we go see the castles. Matt and daughter Dorothy, I love this picture. She is quite the little traveler, tags right along and keeps up with the rest of us, no complaints.  

We had breakfast in a little bakery and I couldn't help taking a picture of this gentleman dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes, that they still wear:)

Random shots on our way to the bus stop

Childhood home of King Ludwig II

And lit up at night it is beautiful, even in the  fog:) 

We were on our way up to a bridge that overlooks Neuschwanstein Castle, which was the castle King Ludwig II was building for himself to live in, he moved in before it was completely finished but never got to live in it for more than 8 months. They found his body near a river at age 40, and his death still remains a mystery.  

This is what we hoped to see.......

But this is what we saw! The fog was so think all we saw was the side of the mountain we were on. Nikki was so disappointed but, oh well!

The front entrance

We took the tour of the castle but no pictures were allowed. But I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it was. We bought a book in the gift shop with the pictures of the interior. You can google it to see images for yourself. 

This replica sat just outside the gift shop, at least I got a picture of the whole thing.

I loved Fussen, very quaint, I could live here. 

Loved how our hotel was lit up at night

Next I will share with you Germany's version of Elf on a Shelf:)

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