Tuesday, November 25, 2014

World travelers part II

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, turkey and all the normal fixings that we love. Somehow it tastes that much better when you only have greenbean casserole and dressing once a year. Everything was so yummy and, of course, after we ate the men retired to the couch and took a well deserved nap!?! My favorite times of the year is when family can get together, however, a lot of our family lives in Iowa so we don't see them during Thanksgiving. It makes it hard when I can't have all my kids and grand kids with us.

I mentioned to you earlier that my husband and I will be traveling, that's why we had our holiday dinner early. We are going to Germany to see my niece and her family, they have lived there for about three years and will be transferring to another area so we thought we should go while she could show us around and be our interpreter! My husband's and my ancestors came from Germany so it was always a trip we wanted to take. My brother (my niece's father) will be going too, so we should have a blast!

We are going to Weisbaden, where my niece lives but we will be staying in a quaint little town on the Rhein River called Eltville.

We have a few places that we have requested to see. We all agreed that we want to visit a concentration camp, and some castles. But the reason we are going in December is so we can experience Christmas in Germany. The Christmas Marts are beautiful, my niece urged us to come in early December to see and shop at them. I'm excited to pick up a few authentic German ornaments for ourselves and for gifts as well.
   Christmas Mart                                                     Photo courtesy of eurotravelogue.com

My brother is spending a week but we will be there for two weeks. We intend to see everything on my brother's wish list while he's there, then continue on to places my husband and I want to see. Paris is on the list so my niece purchased train tickets, and arranged motel accommodations for us to spend four glorious days in Paris!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are, to have this opportunity to travel to these amazing countries and to make it even better, I will be spending a whole week with my brother. He would never have done anything like this on his own, so I am happy he's going with us. He can spend time with his daughter, son-in-law and his adorable grand daughter, Dorothy:)

I will be posting pictures as we go along so stay tuned:)

Side note:
If you remember that little French chair that I need to upholster, I was looking for an amazing piece of fabric for it. Well, I have never found fabric that I liked so I will be looking for something on this trip. It will get finished when we get back even if I have to use........you guessed it, a drop cloth!!!


  1. Looks amazing!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!!! You must be soooooo excited!! I hope you have the time of your lives and take millions of pictures. I can't imagine standing in front of the Effel Tower in Paris!!! You will have such a glorious holiday!! Shop till you drop! Love you guys Oh yeah--Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

  2. We are very excited Deb! But I worry about Brian getting here with the blizzard you had today, he didn't leave this morning like he had planned. He'll be driving in the middle of the night, he works graveyard shift so he's used to staying up. I just hope he gets here safely and in time! Say a little prayer for him, that he make it! I will be taking tons of pictures, don't worry about that! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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