Sunday, November 16, 2014

On top of the world!

Yesterday was a perfect day to take a Gondola ride up to Sulfur Mountain, the sun was shining so bright and cast beautiful shadows on these glorious mountains. This mountain is 7500 ft above sea level and offers some spectacular views.

There really are no words to describe it.

You can see Banff below, and out castle motel is in the lower center of the picture

Couldn't resist a selfie:)

It was so cold up on this mountain and very windy! I was disappointed that we didn't get to walk up the walkway to the neighboring mountain (you can see the wooden walkway that leads you to the top). We weren't dressed near warm enough.

On our way back to town we stopped to check out the Hot Springs pool. This is located at the bottom of the mountain where we got on the Gondola, so it wasn't quite as cold, -5 is all:)

For $7.00 you can sit in the natural hot springs pool, they recommend not over 10 minutes. It's said that the pool has healing affects. We thought about it for a nano second but decided we're good:)


  1. Spectacular pics, Rhonda! They are breathtakingly beautiful! So happy that you and Rick get some vacation time together.

    1. Thank you Nancy:) We've traveled to a lot of beautiful areas in our life but I think this ones tops them all, so serene and gorgeous.


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