Saturday, November 1, 2014

My snowflake pillows and a tutorial

UAbout the time I start decorating for Christmas I always wish I would have made a few Christmas decorations. Every single year I tell myself I'm going to start in July.........but I never do:) So today I did it, I made something winter/Christmasy, I made pillow covers for my existing couch pillows. Today I made the winter ones using these snowflake print offs, I want to make a Christmas one with the other couch pillow but I ran out of time today.  

I'm running out of space to set any more Christmas decorations so I thought this would be an easy way to add just a little more decor and they would be easy to store. I have a basement full of totes that house all my decorations but when I'm done decorating for the holidays it never looks like I have a lot.

I made these pillow covers using remnants of a dropcloth (what else?!?) two sheets of glittery white felt, and these snowflake templates:

I printed them and cut them out, they were the perfect size for my 18" x 18" pillows

The fabric store had their felt sheets on sale 4/$1.00, I bought white for these pillows and green for a future pillow. I was surprised to see the white felt had tiny bits of glitter in it, fitting for glistening snowflakes:)

And I bought some heat n bond to adhere my snowflakes to my fabric.

I cut a piece of heat n bond the same size as the felt sheet and ironed it on to the WRONG side of the felt sheet.......

......paper side up (And yes, the glitter felt has a wrong and right side:)

Follow directions on the heat n bond, iron for 2 seconds and move it until you have all of the surface ironed. Leave paper on until after you cut your snowflake out. 

I laid the snowflake template that I cut out of printing paper on the paper side after you get it ironed on.
(This picture shows me starting to cut the snow flake out of the felt until I realized that I needed to bond the felt to the heat n bond first, it's been awhile since I've done this!)

Trace it on the paper side, and then cut it out......

Peel the paper backing off and position the snowflake on the right side of your fabric, glue side down.....

Turn your fabric over and run the hot iron over the whole surface on the BACK of your fabric, the snowflake is on the other side and the iron will soften the glue on the back adhering it to your fabric. 
The heat n bond instructions are probably easier to understand then mine are! 

Here are my winter pillows:) 

Sorry my picture quality is not good today, it is cloudy and dreary today.....and I have a sucky camera:(

made the covers with an envelope back so I can just take them off to store for the summer.

I have one more couch pillow that I want to make a Christmas cover for, using the green felt, but I ran out of time today.  

What do you think.....cute, huh?


  1. Nice! Love making lap back (as I call them) pillows. That was one thing I remembered making when I was in 4H. "Sew" easy to use with your existing pillows. LOL Cute idea Rhonda!!!

  2. Thanks Deb! I have enough pillows in my house, this is so easy to do and you can make pillow covers for all of your pillows, for every occasion........easier to store too!

  3. Very cute - they turned out great, Rhonda! You are fortunate that you can sew, I must have had a bad experience when I was young because I have never wanted to try it again - maybe someday! : )

    1. Thanks JoAnne! I'm not a great seamstress but I get the job done! I used to get so frustrated when sewing, but long since got a better sewing machine and it made all the difference in the world!!


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