Thursday, November 13, 2014

My first day in Banff

We didn't get to the motel last night until after dark so we weren't able to see any of the scenery on the drive from the airport. 

This morning I couldn't wait to throw open the curtains to see the views. I can honestly say that the beauty took my breath away. I don't think I've seen mountains this big, it didn't look real to me, but like an over sized painting.    

These are the views from our windows

It looked like a Dicken's Christmas village below, with smoke coming from the chimneys.

Today I took a walk into town while Rick was at his conference and took pictures along the way. Keep in mind that it is impossible for me to capture the depth in these photos. Enjoy!

Pictures of the inside of the motel that I've seen so far, this place is huge! The lobby and the hallway. I need to take photography classes!!

I can't wait until the weekend when Rick and I can go exploring!


  1. I can't even imagine the splendor and beauty! Thanks for sharing! Have fun! :)

    1. We are driving up to Lake Louise today so I should get some beautiful pictures there!

  2. What a view to awaken to - so spectacular! It does have that Old World Dicken's vibe!!! Thanks for taking us along on your journey, have a wonderful time.

    1. We are having a wonderful time, thank you much! I have never seen such beauty.


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