Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lucy Mae

I'm sitting here waiting to hear if my precious Lucy Mae has to have more teeth pulled today. She will be 15 years old next Spring and she has never had any health issues......except her teeth. 

She had nine removed a few years back, and we have been watching a couple more deteriorate, and recently it's been affecting her eating habits. Not to mention that she just hasn't been feeling "herself" in the last couple of weeks, so we need to have blood work done this am to find out if she's able to withstand anesthesia at her age.   

It's important to have your animals teeth checked when they have their annual checkups, they get dental diseases too, and they can be fatal.

I just hope she's able to handle the anesthesia so they can make her feel better:( 

It makes my heart ache to see her not feeling well.

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