Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lucy Mae update:)

Well, the good news this morning was that Lucy's blood work came back perfectly normal, which meant they could treat her. They put her out to clean her teeth and she did have to have two more teeth removed. I am grateful those two bad teeth didn't make her sick, which would have explained her behavior. She was just acting and moving a little slow and she was hesitant to eat, even treats, and that just isn't Lucy. Even at her age she gets around like a teenager:) I think those teeth were just bothering her and that's why she was acting "sad". 

I just now brought her home and she is still a little groggy, and has several medicines to take for pain & infection. And they sent dental hygiene stuff home with me again so I can try to keep what teeth she has left healthy.

She'll be fine with a little TLC. 

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