Saturday, October 18, 2014

Country Market and a dresser makeover

The weather wasn't very nice on Saturday for the Country Market, cold, rainy and windy, just not a good day to be out and about in a mostly open mart. Suprisingly though, it really didn't deterred anyone from coming and buying. In a few short hours I sold a mirror/shelf combo and two of my pillows, yay! Sunday was much better, a little cold but no wind or rain, I haven't heard yet if anymore of my items sold, I will find out this weekend.

I wasn't able to stay to help, they had plenty of workers there so I just got to look around at all of the amazing things for sale. And it was crowded, a steady stream of customers made it impossible for me to stay, which was a great thing. 

It was the first year for it so it wasn't very big, but we are hoping that, by word of mouth it will grow. There are already vendors who've heard about the show and want to participate next year. 

The things that I brought that didn't sell went back to Alter'd Relics, the great little shop where I take all of my things to sell.

One thing that didn't make it to the market was this little dresser that I made over. It will be for sale in the shop as soon as I can get it there. 

I just distressed it and found some great knobs from Hobby Lobby to dress it up a bit:)

Here are the "before" pictures:

And "after"

I wasn't able to watermark all my photos, technical problems, but I just wanted to share my dresser makeover.


  1. Anonymous9:38:00 PM

    Beautiful job. Are the appliques original to the piece or did you add them? They look wonderful. What paint did you use? I'm sure you will have no trouble selling it.

    1. Thank you:) I added the appliqués myself. I just used plain old latex paint, distressed it and antiqued it with an oil based gel stain. Old school, that's what I like:)

  2. Rhonda, love the chest of drawers, you took what one might think was a simple nothing dresser and turned it into a rustically romantic piece to cherish. It has all the rightness added to it, and just enough to wow any space with it presence. I am working on a table that I would love to keep, sometimes a piece just takes on that perfect look and it makes it so hard to sell it.

    Thank you Rhonda for taking the time to visit, I hope your darker colder days are inspiring you to cozy up with the beautiful pieces you have been working on. I took notice of the lace lamp shade and I have to say it really is cool, I just might have to make one for myself :)

    Thank you for inspiring my days with a visit from you,
    Enjoy your darker, colder days ahead, let those rainy days inspire the best out of you.


    1. Thank you for you're sweet comment Dore. It has been awhile since I've been able to work on a piece of furniture, I don't have the space to do much, so I was happy to make this little dresser into something special. I love her bling now:) And we are having the most beautiful weekend, warm and sunny..........the calm before the storm!

  3. The dresser looks great and I love that you did it "old school." What is your source for the appliques?

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment:) I got my appliqué at Hobby Lobby, 50% off! Have a wonderful Fall day!

  4. Love the look of the your dresser-FAB!


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