Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ready to make a few changes in my home

Before we left to come to Iowa to be with Pappy, we had just gotten home from vacation. We were home for about 9 days before we got the call that my father-in-law was very ill and we needed to come "home".

I was in the midst of doing my fall cleaning, taking curtains down to wash, FINALLY getting windows washed and getting a few things ready to put on a garage sale that my daughter was going to have. 

I was in the middle of shopping for fabric to make a new bedspread for the master bedroom, and got as far as ordering some color samples of fabric that I thought would be perfect. And when I took the curtains down in my husband's office, I decided that they were not going back up. When I did our whole house makeover a few years ago, I only got as far as painting that room. I am anxious to finish it by replacing the curtains and painting a few pieces of furniture in there.

I also want to replace the master bath shower curtain & window curtains, and will no doubt make those too, maybe from the same fabric I use to make the bedding, not so sure yet. 

I guess I came home from vacation all charged up and ready to get to work. I was so anxious to get started, I love that feeling I have when I'm motivated to make changes! I certainly hope that I still have the motivation that I had before all of our tragedies happened.   



  1. Perhaps it will be a welcomed distraction. Sometimes, it's good to have something to focus on when your heart is heavy. xo

    1. You are so right Kim, after all of the losses that we have had in the last two weeks, it's going to be a welcomed relief to have things to keep me busy.


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