Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting things done!

So many things to do outside and so little time, we are faced with all these little jobs that we were in the process of finishing before our trip back home. Besides what I'm working on inside the house, we also have things that needed to get done outside before the snow flies. Argh, this summer went waaaay to fast, now we have limited time to get our outdoor jobs done, so it's crunch time! 

On Saturday my hubby rebuilt the steps on the west side of the house, they were really just temporary steps so the grand kids could get up and down off the deck. But since we had the patio poured they were to tall since they were now sitting on a cement slab. 

While he did that, I put a protective sealer on our new cement patio. The sealer just protects the cement from pitting etc. 

The steps took longer than we expected, so I spent the rest of my time helping Rick get them finished. He still has to face them with the deck board, but the steps are done on that side. Now we hope the weather holds out so we can get the steps built on the south side, onto the patio.   

(Steps needed:(

Sunday, after church, we went shopping for patio furniture. I guess one good thing about waiting until the last minute is year end clearance sales, which means 50-70% off and we hoped we weren't to late in this process. We didn't have much to choose from, we were about a month too late, but we found something we both liked. We were getting a little concerned that we wouldn't find anything and end up paying full price for something in the Spring, it was SHOCKING to me how expensive outdoor furniture is!! We didn't want anything fancy, we just wanted it to be comfortable and something that would last a few years. We were afraid of the whole "you get what you pay for" deal, so we wanted to spend a bit more, you just never know though do you? But my hubby did have a price in mind and we found exactly what we needed for our new outdoor space. We will pick it up this weekend, so excited!

Then we got home just in time to finish another project, but you will have to wait to see that one:)


  1. Looks great Rhonda! I too have a list of unfinished "summer" projects. Life had us sidetracked as well. I am glad you found some furniture. We needed and looked, but you are right...the prices are shocking! Plus we couldn't find what we wanted even for a shocking price. We kept what we had with the intention of spraying it. Maybe that will happen next summer! Ha! :) Enjoy your new space!

    1. Thank you Kim! After waiting so long for this space to happen, I think my husband was going to find furniture if it was the last thing he did! We home bodies will certainly enjoy it!

  2. Tell Rick the steps look fabulous! That sealer gave your new patio a nice "finish", didn't it? I can't wait to see your new furniture sitting on it. Like Kim, I keep touching ours up every spring; next year, I need a new umbrella.
    As far as project lists go; mine just keeps getting longer. I get one thing done, and there are three to replace it! Right now, I can't see past the wedding cakes I'm making for this weekend...then watch out! :)

    1. To do lists are never ending! I got a lot crossed off that list today! It's amazing the upkeep on a house, I'm thinking I need a condo the older I get!!


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