Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Freezing my veggies

When we got home Sunday from our trip back home, we were surprised to see our neighbor mowing our grass, seems we have a lot of wonderful people in our lives. We were a little worried about our yard, we knew that our son-in-law came and mowed at least once while we were gone, but we weren't sure if he'd made it back to mow again. We were still getting rain back here and we just imagined the worse, having to "bale" our yard when we got home. We were surprised that the grass wasn't that long at all, and when we turned the corner to our driveway, we saw our neighbor mowing our yard!

Again, we were just a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from friends, and now neighbors.

While we were thanking the neighbor I got a glimpse of our little garden! It was a bit of a mess, full of weeds (it's crazy how well those grow!) and there were tomatoes, lots of little tomatoes, I guess we can't be choosey. Our garden didn't do well at all this year, too cool and too wet and our tomatoes weren't growing at all, what we did have were dry-rotted and teeny. This summer never got hot and humid enough for tomatoes to grow, they love warm evenings,  so I was surprised to see how many grew while we were away. We had four pepper plants too, and they were full of perfectly sized peppers! 

So, I got busy today and froze what little tomatoes I got from my pathetic plants, and my perfect peppers. I didn't get a lot, but what I was able to freeze will taste good in my home made soups:)

I put a bunch of tomatoes in a clean sink and rinse them good

I then dump enough boiling water over them to cover. Then, peel them, the boiling water loosens the skin and it peels right off

Put all the peeled tomatoes in a large pan, then when all the tomatoes are peeled, put them in freezer bags and suck some of the air out.

Tomatoes are done.....throw them in the freezer!

Freezing peppers requires a little more work. 

Cut them in half and remove the membrane and seeds, while you are doing this, put a large pot of water on to boil. When it comes to a full boil add the peppers, blanch for three minutes, start counting when the water starts to boil again.

Remove peppers and plunge in ice water to stop the cooking process.

Drain and put in freezer bags,

Peppers are done!

Frozen vegetables are good for making soups, sauces and casseroles only. 

You can freeze most vegetables, and when vegetables are in season it is cost effective to buy a bunch and fill your freezer.


  1. Anonymous11:09:00 AM

    As I was reading I was going to ask how to freeze, but no need, you gave the info!! Never done that but going to give it a try today. My mother used to can but of course I had no interest in learning. Now I wish I had. Cathy

    1. Good morning Cathy! Canning vegetables isn't hard at all, just a little time consuming, but so well worth it to save money and to enjoy the produce in long winter months:) Freezing is super easy, blanching is the key to make sure your vegetables are frozen safely. You can find a time chart on blanching if you google it. Some vegetables have different blanching times. Have a wonderful weekend!


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