Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crossing things off the "to do" list!

What a beautiful fall week it's been, and I am happy to report that I am getting things crossed off that "to do" list! All those tedious little jobs are getting done and I feel so good when things get done and everything looks nice!

Yesterday I got our mail box painted, yes, it was a big deal, our mailbox was nasty! When we moved into this house 8 years ago I wanted a simple mailbox so I could paint it. I mean, I painted a Rufus Porter style painting on it. The mailbox was rusting so badly and it was time for a change. I just  primed and painted it black this time, no biggie, but it sure looks nice!


(I covered the areas that I didn't want over spray on, I used spray paint for this job.)

(And I put tape on small areas to keep them from getting painted.)

That ought to last a couple of years:)

It was so nice out yesterday that I also got a good coat of Spar Varnish on the grand kid's picnic table.

I want to protect the artwork that they did on it, I love how they painted it!

It's got some chippiness going on, but I like chippy things! To me it's a true piece of art.


  1. It is a great feeling to get things done ~ may be I should try it sometime ha ha! That picnic table it too sweet, your grandkids did such a great job!

    1. Lol! JoAnne, we've been putting these little jobs off all summer, now that it's fall we decided we better get them done! I love how the kids painted the table, they had so much fun doing it too!

  2. I think that children's artwork is the best! What a great grandma you are to take the time to preserve it!

  3. I adore primitive folk art, and I so understand change. The picnick table is so cute, and to preserving its beauty is memorable. Thank you dear Rhonda for taking the time to visit me, and the post of Fifi's book release. It's not a common wedding book but an all around inspiring design book that will surprise all who pick one up. It's filled with ideas, home and garden rustic ideas for ones designs, and romance all through the book.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Keep inspiring your changes we love it.


    1. Thank you Dore for stopping by my blog! Being born and raised in Iowa, I am a country girl through and through, and the images you shared are all the things I love in a simple country wedding. Can't wait to get the book, I'm not a big fan of common:)


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