Saturday, August 23, 2014

My purchase from The Magnolia Market

A few weeks ago I posted about my new favorite show on HGTV called "Fixer Upper" with husband & wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines. In that post I mentioned that I bought something from her shop called, "Magnolia."

I know I've said that it's a faux paux to have artificial greenery in your home, but I need some green in my house and my house configuration isn't plant friendly. I'm afraid even if I did have sun flooding through all my windows I still wouldn't be able to keep a plant alive! I have made a few exceptions, and I figured if it's good enough for Joanna, it's good enough for me!

I love the wreath, it does look real and that's a good thing:) and the tin "envelope" pocket hanger is so cute! I thought it would be a great place to stick a letter inside that my daughter wrote to her grandmother, who has since passed. It just makes me feel good when I read it and now it's not hiding in a drawer anymore waiting to get lost:)

I thought I would share with you the last flower that my husband plucked from the hydrangea bush that we planted this spring. They only got big enough to hold a few blooms, so I'll have to wait until next Spring for more.  

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