Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good things come to those who wait, and wait, and....

At long last, we have a poured patio, it's been a long time coming, let me tell ya!! Four years ago my husband built a deck on the back of the house and it was always in the plan to have a poured patio in the back as well.

 Right after our deck was finished we started calling to get quotes, for four years we have been trying to get someone to come and pour our patio. Seven concrete contractors came to our home, gave us quotes, told us they would do the job.....never to be heard from again!

 One of these contractors lead us on saying he would pour it in "May"........"June"........"I can do it in July, after the 4th"........."August"........"I will be there after Labor Day".........."if the weather cooperates I can get it done in October." That was last year, he never followed through, he never called us, we kept calling him with no response. If you can't do it just tell us so we can keep looking!  

Meanwhile, we had no steps on the west side of the deck, for two steps. Finally my husband built some temporary steps so the grand kids could at least get up and down off the deck.   

We always called at the beginning of the year, around April, so we could get our name in. So it's not like we waited until the end of summer when most of these contractors have their work all laid out for them.   

We even used a source to help us find a reputable contractor, these were all listed as ones we could trust to do the job and do it right. 

In April of this year we called yet another contractor (our seventh), he came, gave us a quote and said he would call us when he could get the job done. We weren't hearing from him, all we wanted was a phone call to let us know so we could call someone else if we needed to. All of these guys lead us on through four summers. 

August was drawing near and I was getting desperate and furious!!! I contacted Ahmed Hassan: Celebrity Landscaper, you know, the host of HGTV's Yard Crashers?!? 

image from

If you watch the show you know that he hangs out in big box stores or hardware stores looking for some unexpected couple to give them a glorious backyard retreat. 

I told him our dilemma and asked him if he could recommend a Concrete Contractor from our area. He got back to me immediately, I mean, in  five minutes I got a message from him giving me a name, he told me to call and tell them that he was a friend of mine, so I did! Then I had to ask if he was going to be hanging out at Lowe's anytime soon:) he did tell me that he was going to be at a local hardware store in March of 2015 and told me to be there! Oh......I'll be there!

Anyway, when I called the name he gave I wasn't surprised to hear that they were very busy, he couldn't come to give us a quote for two weeks.   

Two days after I contacted Mr. Hassan, our guy called and said he could do the job the next week. My husband called me and asked me if I still wanted them to do it, "Of course!" I said, "First come, first serve!"

They came last Wednesday and finished up on Saturday and we are soooooo happy to finally have our poured patio! 

Now we have to add some fill, do a little landscaping, build a privacy fence on the south side and figure out what type of furniture we will need. The majority of this will probably happen next Spring, but for now we can finally enjoy it and get some steps built on both sidesf the deck!

Even though we didn't use Mr. Ahmed's recomendation, I was so pleasantly surprised that he did respond, what a nice guy. I am going to send him a picture of the before and after, maybe he'll come and "tweek" it in March while he's here:) Ha!

Before: no steps on south side

We really just moved these plants from another spot, temporary homes until we got the patio poured. New ones are much needed.

Before: leading to our shed

Our dream is about to become a reality!

(Little cutey patootie there in the foreground!!!) Lol, I'm bad:(

I baked them cookies because I'm nice that way, and oh so happy!


Champion photo bomber right there!!

And here!

I can not wait to get furniture and a fireplace and sit out on the patio with my honey & a glass of wine!   


  1. A happy ending! Finally!

    1. Yahoo! Lol! At long last we can get this finished!

  2. Lucy obviously loves it! I think it was worth the wait, Rhonda; it's incredible, the difference that made to your yard. Great design, my friend!

    1. Thank you Nancy, yes it was worth the wait and now it's finished and we can finally enjoy it! If we get a fire pit/fireplace we will be enjoying it for awhile before the snow flies!

  3. Wow, that was some wait...but very worth it! Gorgeous!

  4. I can only imagine how happy you must be to have this done, Rhonda. It looks fantastic! Amazing that Ahmed got back to you so quickly. You better be camping out at that store next March! : )

    1. Thank you JoAnne, yes we are so pleased with it. Haha! I will be visiting that hardware store in March!! I sent him another Thank you and before & after pictures too. He responded again, congratulating us and said he'd see me in March. What a nice guy!

  5. Thank you Rhonda for stopping by, and I love yard crashes would love them to make a visit to our lowes for a chance at a yard crash :)

    Your patio looks amazing and the pathway is so charming. I bet you loved walking it back and forth when it was completed?

    What a beautiful country red your home is, cannot wait to see what's next?


    1. Thank you Dore! Lol, yeah, my exterior color no longer goes with the interior but all my neighbors love the color and EVERYONE (including the delivery men) know our house most by the color & not the address! What to do?!? I still love the color too so it will stay that way for awhile:)

  6. Love the patio and pathway. I know you must be so happy. Yard crashers is a fun show. I watch quite a few shows from HGTV.

    1. Thank you Linda! It will be fun to add some new flowering bushes next year & some furniture. I am very happy with it!


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