Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Outdoor candles using vintage jars

bought these old jars at the flea market last year for $4.00 each and they've just been sitting in my office ever since, so I thought I'd turn them into some cute little candles for the front porch or back patio, anywhere I could add some nice candle glow when the hubby and I are enjoying the evenings with a nice glass of wine. I love the warm glow that candles give and I thought these would be perfect for outside. 

These jars are old and have the wire at the top, which would be perfect if you want to hang them from a tree branch. My trees aren't quite big enough for that yet, but that's what I'd do with these, how adorable would that be?

Initially I was just going to throw some rock in with a candle and call it a day, cuz I'm simple like that:) but, for the sake of my blog I thought I would fancy them up a bit, just using a little burlap and some vintage lace.

These are gallon size jars so they're a good size for this project.

I bought three bags of rocks and put a bag in each

I cut a strip of burlap and glued it on the jar

I grabbed some of my vintage lace from my stash, I love vintage and antique laces and buy it whenever I can

I glued some on the burlap, since one jar was not like the others I added a thin ribbon of lace and just tied it on 

I took a picture of them sitting on my deck so you could see the warm candle glow:)


  1. Nice!!! Should create a very nice mood when you sit and enjoy your deck!!! :)

    1. I'm having an issue with jars lately huh? Lol, I'm finding uses for the stuff just taking up space, use it or lose it!! This will be nice for some "mood" lighting:)

  2. Cute! What a very creative idea...I never would've thought about doing that! I love the jars...I need a flea market!

    1. Thanks Kim, they are sooo pretty hanging from a tree branch! Wish my trees were bigger:)

  3. Hi Rhonda, I love outdoors candle light, even if there not decorated quite as creative as yours. Big fan of burlap, and lace trim and this I could so whip up. Yet I have not done it or never have done this project, but you inspire me to do this in fact right now as late as it is I could do a couple and get them ready for tomorrow night, all I have to get is the bottle of wine :)

    Thank you Rhonda dear for taking the time to share yourself over at my place, it really joys my heart with all you encourage with your compliments.

    Off to make a candle jar for my cozy dark patio, I am going to feel like its a jar of fire flys.


    1. Thank you for visiting Dore! I must say that I appreciate your lovely comments, I enjoyed my candle lit patio last night.......and a bottle of wine!


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